turntable.fm: A Monster Idea with Extraordinary Execution

turntable.fm screenshot givvy chuck love

What if someone invented a way to play music online with your friends, choosing from a huge catalog of tracks across every genre?

5 virtual turntables where anyone can hop on and off, and a peanut gallery can upvote or downvote the current selection (and bounce the track on too many downvotes).

A small chat window allows anyone in the room to converse.

A DJ queue functions as a crate you can fill with your favorite tracks.

This is what several friends and I have been playing with the last few days. It’s called turntable.fm. The site has been metering people in to prevent blowing up their servers (or maybe to create scarcity?). Come check it out once you get in.

It’s sort of like Pandora, but you and your friends and/or randoms are the DJs.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next wave of features roll out. Hopefully there will be improved crate (queue) management and a better fade out on the “Skip my track” function (the same one used on track preview would be great).

We’ve been hanging out in a room I created, but there are many others:


More info:


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