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Fail2Ban Not Banning Some SSH Attempts [SOLVED]

I recently set up Fail2Ban on a new Ubuntu server and noticed that while some hosts were getting banned after they exceeded my maxRetry value (the number of allowed failures before a ban), others were able to exceed it wildly … Continue reading

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How To Upgrade a Very Old WordPress Installation

If you manage your own WordPress installation, you may have fallen behind the latest and greatest revisions from the geniuses at Automattic. This is no bueno because each revision usually fixes a few security holes, and if you wait long … Continue reading

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ScoutMob Curates a Fantastic Collection of Local Deals

Alright deals/Groupon/LivingSocial groupies, there’s a new kid on the block called ScoutMob delivering some pretty sweet local offerings. The model is slightly different than Groupon- by installing the free app on your iPhone/Android you get all the deals available, without … Continue reading

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