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Facebook’s Ridiculously Cool Story Types Preferences Widget

Ok, so who on the Facebook design team is an aspiring bedroom DJ? The widget below, which looks like a multi-track mixing console, allows Facebook users to reign in fine grain control over the frequency of which “stories” are presented … Continue reading

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Apple Attempts to Sneak Safari Browser Onto Windows Boxes Via Quicktime Updater

I haven’t installed Apple’s Safari browser on my desktop computer yet, but this is what showed up when the Apple Updater just ran (see screenshot below).

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Presentation: W3C’s Shawn Henry – “Web Accessibility Guidelines Update”

Warning: This presentation will help you sleep through a stampede of horny elephants, but you should watch it anyway.

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How to Load and Unload Google Maps Without Using the BODY Tag

2011 Update: This solution was developed in 2007. While it may still work in some browsers, it has not been thoroughly tested in all modern browsers. I would recommend finding a solution that is more likely to perform reliably across … Continue reading

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